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#32. I got the one thing you want, get it all night long...

"I got a world of trouble, baby
It's going on inside my head
Playing your game, got me half insane
Trying to make sense of every word you said"

I would like introduce to you this pack of poses from @Verocity that will be great in your colection. Armando is a pack with 6 sexy poses for men, each one with both sides, left and right, for you take your sexy pictures and to do any girl fell in love.

Erik Kottzen Wear (...or not)
Hair:Wasabi PillsDragon Mesh Hair Red Packs Beard:Muschi Hory Beard Tattoo:Dappa Creed Tattoo (GIFT) Pose:Verocity Armando 3M
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Listen to Poison - Body Talk

#31. Gloria, Gloria perpetua, in this Dawn of Victory...

"Fire is raging on the battlefield While Arwald is fighting the war of the kings The Army of Dargor, the thunder, the storm So people are calling the Brave and his Axe No time left to save the Wise throne"

I would like to introduce for you these awesome itens from @Verocity  The Godslayer Battle Axe and Segarlian Gutter are the perfect match to do your RP most realistic and  fun.  An Axe and dagger with perfect details on the cable and blade, I believe that itens will be a great add on your RP armory.

Erik Kottzen wear:
Hair:Wasabi Pills Dragon Mesh Hair Red Packs Beard:Muschi Hory Beard Right Hand:Verocity  Sergalian Gutter Backs:Verocity Godslayer Battle Axe Pants: Gabriel Boots with Pants Brown Boots: Gabriel Boots with Pants Brown Pose: [evoLove] - Flight of Snow - You know nothing
Thanks to my sponsor @Verocity
Listen to Rhapsody of  Fire - Dawn of Victory

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#30. Maybe someday your name will be in lights sayin': Johnny B. Goode tonight

"Deep down in Louisiana, close to New Orleans
Way back up in the woods among the evergreens There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood Where lived a country boy named Johnny B. Goode"
Erik Kottzen wear:
Hair:Exile Tommy (NEW GIFT) Beard:Muschi Hory Beard Glasses:Threeci ThreeciBan Way Black
Cigarrete: Nikotin Pervert Jacket:Chuck Size  JACKET DAKOTA (NEW) -- TWE12VEopen
Pants:Threeci Sergio "C" Light Blue
Special thanks to Threeci and Chuck Size
Listen to Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode

#29. You can fool yourself, you came in this world alone (alone)....

"I knew the storm was getting closer And all my friends said I was high"

Erik Kottzen wear:
Hair:Tableau Vivant Eastern Promisses/ Head Only JacketChuck Size  JACKET DAKOTA (NEW) -- TWE12VEopen the day 12 April. Glasses:Rebellion "Savant" Specs Pants:Threeci Sergio "C" Light Blue
Special thanks to my sponsors Threeci and Chuck Size
Listen to Guns n' Roses - Estranged